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who we are

Self-sustaining EV charging solutions

Vortech Power is a technology company that has developed a proof-of-concept proprietary Electric Vehicle “EV” charger. The product allows for fast, 100% environmentally clean EV charging that does not require any additional outside source of power. In 2020 Vortech has set up a research, development, and production facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Vortech is in the process of preparing the product for mass production and sales to address the future needs of the EV charging worldwide.

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Our team

Expert leadership

R. William Barnet

R. William Barnet has over four decades of experience in the fields of electric and electronic engineering, design of programmable logic controllers (PLC), blow molding and injection machines, and electromagnetic design for all electronic circuits. Through his years of extensive research and development he has managed to create and develop electronic circuit boards to harvest the magnetic field and convert into electric power, as well as develop self-sustained power chargers.

Phillip Patterson

Phillip is a CPA by background and brings over 20 years of experience working at the Big 4 Accounting Firms of Deloitte and PwC as well as practical industry experience. In his previous role he spent six years at a private company reviewing and revamping the organization’s finance, sales, marketing, compliance, human resources, and operations to increase efficiencies and profitability to maximize shareholder value. The company was successfully sold to private equity.

Naji Khamo
Executive Director

Naji is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the construction, oil and gas industry, and the renewable energy business. His experience includes leading many businesses in the renewable energy sector into the international market. His creativity and dedication are complemented by his commitment to continue working and investing in renewable energy.

Tony Di Benedetto
Executive Chairman

Mr. Di Benedetto is the CEO of Launch Capital, a Toronto based family office which provides strategic growth capital and advisory services to assist innovative companies fuel growth and drive shareholder value. Tony has been active since the early 1990’s in the Canadian technology space and has a proven track record in identifying growth assets in which he has built, operated and divested to create significant return on investments. Tony was the co-founder and CEO of Drone Delivery Canada (TSXV: FLT) which he took public and successfully raised over $120M Canadian in equity financing achieving market capitalization for the company in excess of $550M Canadian.

Rob Montemarano
Lead Director

Mr. Rob Montemarano B.A is a partner and Vice-President of Lakeview Group Ltd., a residential and commercial property development and construction company. Lakeview has built over 12,000 homes and developed 15,000 residential lots since 1980. Lakeview owns a portfolio of residential, industrial, retail, hotel and office income producing properties. Mr. Montemarano has been involved in corporate and project financing activities in real estate, mineral exploration, hospitality, technology and a variety of other industries. He is a director of Armada Data Corporation (ARD-TSXV) and sits on the advisory board of Drone Delivery Canada (FLT-TSXV). He was also a director of Ontex Resources from 1995 to 2010 which changed its name to Goldstone Resources and was bought out by TSX listed Premier Gold in June 2011 for $90 million. He was also a director of several other publicly traded companies over the past 25 years.